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Tortoises from

£60 Each

Poison Dart Frogs

Horsefield Tortoise Dart frog


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Welcome to Littlehampton Exotics

Littlehampton Exotics is a family run, exotic pet shop. We specialise in Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Birds and Mammals, along with all the foods and accessories you need to keep your much-loved pets happy and healthy.

We understand that exotic pets are not for everyone, that’s why we stock a great range of domestic pet supplies too. With a fantastic variety of specialist cat and dog foods available as well as small mammal and rodent foods and treats, we are bound to have something for your best friend. We also have a vast selection of wild animal products for those who just want to provide for our own native wildlife.

Featured Products Deals

Here is just a few of the great brands we Stock

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Featured News

Livestock List 

We have some amazing animals in the shop at the moment.

These include Dart frogs, Royal, Reticulated, Burmese and Blood  Pythons, Bearded and Rankins dragons, Monitor lizards and a section of Geckos, Budgies, Finches, Parakeets, Tropical, Cold water and Marine Fish, Pygmy hedgehogs and more.

Check out out livestock list or Facebook for more info

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New Online Shop Coming 2018!

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All New Fish Systems

We are super happy to say that we are fitting all new fish systems into the shop. The good people at ND Aquatics have custom made our tanks to our specs, this will give all our fish separate filtration, helping us to eliminate the risk cross contamination. Making our already great fish even better. Cold Water and Tropical Fish will be available as normal, but we will also be starting up the marine again.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progression.

some of our fish section
Tiger Leg Arden-Grange-new-grain-free-cat-food-range Save 10%

To celebrate our new range of cat foods, we are offering a great deal, buy any two 2kg bags of Burns, Arden Grange or Burgess Cat food and save 10%.

some T&Cs apply


More great Dog and Cat Brands avalible in store and to order, Ask staff for more info

Livefood Deal special-offer

Our awesome Livefood Deals just got better!!

Our famously fresh Livefood has now got an even better price.

Deal includes Tubs of Locust, Crickets, Mealworm, Morio Worm

and Wax Worms.

* 6 Tubs for £10.00 * 3 Tubs for £5.50  * 1 Tubs for £2.00 *

Mix N Match Available. Some T&Cs apply

Fruit Flies, Bean Weevils, Earth Worms, Snails, Springtails, Calci Worms and More are also availbele from £2.50